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# Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security services

A successful cyber attack can cause major damage to your business.

To protect yourself, you need to quickly identify and remove vulnerabilities from your products and systems.

Doing it by yourself requires significant intellectual and time investments, running the risk of not be aligned with the latest industry standards.

Letting who want to knock out your digital ecosystem win is not a solution. Leaving out cyber threat management can undermine your reputation and put you in a bad light with customers, who would find themselves using vulnerable products or services, putting their data at risk.

Thanks to my strategic consulting services in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, my clients feel safe against cyber attacks.

Thousands of successfull tests, audits and vulnerability mitigations done; top players in finance, telecommunication and government istitutions are up to date thanks to my professional services.

Who is Andrea Purificato?

Freelance, Ethical Hacker and ICT security specialist, with more than fifteen years experience on enterprise fields.

I've collaborated with banks, big industries, institutions and governments, focusing on telecommunication, financial transactions and sensitive data management.

My Business

I'm mainly focused on providing help to my clients about all-related security fields: from vulnerability research to network / information systems analysis and web / mobile / embedded applications assessment both in technological and in industrial environments.

My job applies to clients who need assistance on management and analysis of the security countermeasures, aiming risk mitigation.


As a freelance, I'm able to provide professional services such as:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability e Risk Assessment
  • Security Audit


Management of weaknesses into different fields:

  • Network Infrastructures
  • Big systems
  • Web Application and Software
  • Mobile / Cloud
  • Internet of things

Ethical Hacking as a mission!

Whatever tasks I have to accomplish, I love challenges.

Solid technical skills are not enough to overcome challenges in the super specialized sector of ICT Security; I believe solving problems with intuition and lateral thinking is the best methodology to follow.

This is what I do, with Passion.

I want to educate and inform, helping You to grow security to the appropriate level.

Security grows day by day, challenge after challenge, together.

What they say about me

“Andrea is an excellent pentester. Thanks to his skills and his curiosity, he also manages well IT security research. He is also an optimum colleague and friend.”

Fabrizio C., Information security auditor at Unidata, worked directly with Andrea

“Talented person with excellent skills in IT security. His multiple interests like martial arts and piano playing define Andrea as a smart one. Good team worker and friend.”

Stefano C., Security Consultant, Software Developer, Systems Engineer at Unidata , managed Andrea

“Andrea? A very skilled security analyst, coder, pentester, bug hunter, hardcore gamer and more... It was a pleasure working with him!”

Pietro R., Anti-Fraud and Security Analyst at Telecom Italia, worked with Andrea

“Terrific Pen Tester! If you want to test security of your network and hardening status of your servers and your IT you must call Andrea Purificato!”

Alessio P., INAIL-EDS linux/linux advanced specialist at EDS-EUSTEMA, was with another company when working with Andrea


Advantio Limited
Alfa System S.p.A
Anthesi Srl
Hewlett Packard
ICTQuality S.p.A
Istituto Nazionale per la Previdenza Sociale
NTT Data Italia S.p.A
Telecom Italia S.p.A
Telecom Italia Mobile S.p.A
Unidata S.p.A

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